Are you fond of playing some amazing pranks and Halloween tricks on your friends on the day of the Halloween 2022 celebration? Well, if yes, then it’s time to collect some amazing Halloween tricks which are not risky but they are scary to work on.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get into the spooky world of Halloween tricks below!

List of Easy Funny Halloween Pranks:

  1. You can freeze the gummy eyeballs in the ice cubes and then add them into the victim drink! See how he or she reacts!
    Gummy eyeballs Halloween
  2. Buy some of the hair extensions which is of the same hair color as your partner and scatter them on the pillow while he/she is sleeping. The next morning they will wake up with the fear as if someone has cut off their hair.
    Halloween Hair Cut Prank
  3. Unscrew the showerhead and turn off the water in it and replace it with the red blood-drinking mix. As soon as your partner will turn on the shower, they will pour themselves in the red blood which is such a scary feeling.
    Red Shower Halloween Pranks
  4. You can buy the kit for making the caramel applies at any grocery store. But you can substitute the apples with the onions. Now just cover it with some nuts or coconut to yet complete the disguise. Now present them in a Halloween party for a bigger prank you can hence simultaneously pull on numerous unsuspecting victims!
    Halloween Best Prank and tricks

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List of Scary Halloween Pranks:

  1. This is such an easy-to-do Halloween prank for the unsuspecting family member. You have to place a rubber bat, rat, or snake in the toilet and just close the lid. This sounds scary!
    Rubber Snake Prank Halloween
  2. You have to dress yourself up in the scarecrow or the witch ghost and simply sit in front of the plant pot to scare your partner. Make yourself sit in such a body pose as if you are a decorative dummy. And once they get close to you or pass near to you just jump on them. You can even scare them by making some strange noises.
    Scarecrow Halloween Pranks
  3. This is another exciting prank which you can do at home! Just measure the half of the doorway length with the help of string and cut it down to that length. Now you have to tie the plastic fake spider at one of its ends and then tape the other side on the door frame. As soon as your partner opens the doorway the spider will jump on them to scare them out.
    Fake Spider Prank
  4. With the bottom of the Tupperware container or the cardboard box, you have to cut a bowl that is big enough to put your whole hand through. After it, you have to cover it with some tissue paper. Now just fill the bowl or the box with the candy. Offer this treat to an unsuspecting victim, and as they will reach in, just pop your hand all through the tissue paper to fully grab his hands.

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Grab the ideas of these amazing tricks and pranks right now and experiment with them all one by one on your partner! Go for it now!