Halloween 2022 is not Halloween if you do not have a bunch of tricks or pranks up your sleeve. However, during times like COVID when a lot of people are in quarantine, the pranks you pull off must be harmless so that it is all about fun and love. This particular context brought forward the idea of covering a list of Halloween Quarantine Tricks and Pranks that are completely harmless and fun.
Being in quarantine can be a very stressful and anxiety-inducing experience. However, if any of your loved ones are going through it, you have to help them out through this. And, this is where the ideas in this article can change this around for you and them.
So let us now move ahead and bring the list of our 5 best Halloween tricks and pranks in quarantine:

1. An Ice Cube with the Bug:

An Ice Cube with the Bug

While you will be serving a lot of drinks to your family members or member or friend in quarantine, infusing one of their drinks or soups with a big could bring that jumpscare that would be harmless and still a lot of fun. However, if that person has a weaker heart, going with something light would suffice.

2. The Food Guessing Game on Halloween:

Happy Halloween Food Guessing Games 2022

Since they are in quarantine, people might not be ready for something like jumpscares. In that case, to make things lighter, doing an activity like a food guessing game with Halloween treats could be an idea that could work. However, make sure that you are right in choosing the list of food that would work.

3. A Ghostly Silhouette:

A Ghostly Silhouette

If you want to prank someone who loves the horror stuff and might be facing a lot of boredom in quarantine, you can do something special and big like casting a Halloween Ghostly Silhouette. It is hard to say whether there will be a jumpscare or not, it is an idea that you must try as one of your Halloween quarantine tricks.

4. The Bats on Halloween:

The Bats on Halloween

Since bats are an important part of the Halloween tradition, using them as a part of your Halloween ranks can work as well. The idea is to craft bats out of black paper and paste them all over the walls of your home or in the room of your friend or family member in quarantine. We are sure that wouldn’t be harmful at all and could bring a lot of fun as well.

5. Using the Night Lamp:

Using the Night Lamp halloween

The Night Lamp is another important Halloween gadget that, when used right, could serve as a great Halloween trick. What you can do is try flying by the Night Light and try to give the other person a jumpscare. If executed right and if you ensure there is a camera setup around as well, this could make an unforgettable Halloween memory.
So this was our list of the 5 best Halloween Tricks and Pranks to do in Quarantine. If you liked any of these, leave us your feedback and if you can think of a better iteration, share that with us. We wish you guys a very happy Halloween 2022, friends!